Monday, 14 January 2013

MAN - London Collections: Men

This season the MAN show on the Topman showspace brought us three designers with very distinguishable styles and influences. 


Kicking off the LCM trend for American sportswear, the logo-emblazoned collection was made up of large, slouchy sweatsuits, denim and fur jackets - a look borrowed from the dominant clothing choice of the 90's hip hop culture but in bold gold, lavender and teal hues with models sporting a metallic lip. 



With a highly conceptual approach to design, newcomer Craig Green's collection brought to mind the aftermath of a bonfire at night. Over-lapping planks of wood became masks casting large shadows over the models, and teamed with effective layering of crinkled satins (resembling glistening burnt charcoal), waxed cottons and patchworks of knitwear, the designer's theme was established. With an unrefined edge, this was definitely a stand out collection in black, navy and cream tones. 



The British countryside arrived at LCM in contrasting primary colours and kitsch prints complete with the ultimate accessory of the season - hound dogs. Consisting of padded gillets, thick ribbed jumpers and long hunting coats typically associated with the farming gentleman but with a splash of eccentric humour and whimsical charm. Topping this off were genius wellington boot coverings for brogues. Who said smart shoes aren't practical?


Images sourced from: and GQ.

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