Thursday, 29 November 2012

YSL - Androgynous Momentous

Just when you thought the androgynous moment of Casely Ledger had passed, Hedi Slimane securing Saskia De Brauw to model the SS13 Saint Laurent Paris menswear campaign ensures this is far from over. 

Gender swapping in the fashion world is nothing new thanks to the likes of Agyness Deyn, Tilda Swinton, Andrej Pejic and even AzMarie Livingstone playing important roles in the on-going obsession with androgyny, but whenever a French fashion power-house welcomes it into their grasp my appreciation is due.

Both the women's and menswear SS13 collections share the same aesthetic of sexuality and sensuality; women without make-up and un-kept hair, and men styled with touches of femininity and boyish charm in sharp black and white imagery combine for a care-free breath of fresh air into the new season ahead. 

Some images of the menswear campaign below.



Images courtesy of Dazed Digital.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Breaking The Gender Rules

I have a thing for androgyny. 

I love to see women who embrace masculinity yet still remain very confident in the fact that they are women. They don't let what they wear define their gender and they don't give a f**k about what people think. They'll rock men's tailoring on the regular, look better than most guys in it and equally, they'll kill it in a dress.

Look no further than Casey Legler. This woman is an ex-Olympic swimmer currently working as a model and artist. But Legler is no ordinary model - she's signed to Ford Models, exclusively as a male model. As far as I know she is 100% woman and she's blurring the lines of gender standing as a glorified example that anything is possible.

Check out her interview with Time Magazine below.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Take Two.

So I've finally got it together and created my second blog. [Yay!]

I've been to LFW, shot some interviews with my presenter friend Aurora and I've probably missed out on some really good content. Nonetheless; it's here! And I'm pretty excited this second time round if I'm honest. It took locking myself away but I finally got the title right followed by a striking vision of purpose. Since then I've been itching to get started.

I've come across a few fashion blogs that either seem to lack purpose or the blogger would ramble on about stuff that they don't even get. And that's part of the reason I took so long with wanting to even start another blog; I didn't want to be pigeon-holed with a bunch of glorified air heads. But then I came to realise that it's about what each individual brings to the table.


I thought about some words that I felt represented what I want my blog content to be based upon. I then looked at synonyms to expand on my choice and when the word 'refinery' came about I just knew I had to use it. 'The Style Refinery' is already taken so I sought out a verb from a friend to define my style. She threw in 'urban' and it just became seamless in my head from there. 

verb (used without object)
5.  to become pure.
6.  to become more fine, elegant or polished.
7.  to make distinctions in thought or language. 

In short, my aim is for you to read my blog and be able to take away something good that you will hold on to. Whether that'll be interesting style tips, great art or a really cool product find; I aim to inspire.

Please keep checking for content on style, fashion, art and more...